American Crocodile(Crocodylus Acutus)

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Natural Habita/Location:

The American Crocodile can be found in Southern Florida,Southern Mexico,And Central America. American Crocodile's Are known to live in coastal lagoons,mangrove swamps And in brackish water estuaries.

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The American Crocodile is well known for being a Carnivore, who's diet is birds,fish,crabs,frogs,Small mammels and insects. The Crocodylus Acutus can grow up to 15 feet(4.6m) in length and weigh up to 2,000 bounds(907kg). The crocodile needs at least brackish water , land,and At least a climate of 77 degreesto fullfill their houseing and climate requirements. Crocodlie's begin to become sexually active at the ages eight to ten years old. When reproducing the female crocodile produces thirty to sixty offsprings.The crocodile reproduces once a yearly for the mating season. When nameing more than one crocodile it is called a Brask of crocodiles. American crocodiles love to live solitary and get well along with other animals unless they get tempted or irratated. The crocodiles are mainly active during the night. The crocodiles are known as one of the top preditors in the equatic ecosystems. They also contribute to helping the enviroment by producing waste products and uneaten prey which helps other animals obtain food in the ecosystem.
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Why is the Animal Endangered? :

The American Crocodile is endangered because of over hunting, habitat depletion,used for leather and hunted also for food. In the past few years their's been from 10,000 to 20,000 crocodiles ; however now their population is rising little by little but still being protected by the states and tha Endangered act.The Endangered Act of 1973 is mainly about providing authority to obtain land for the endangered species, authorizes examination of civil and criminal penalties for violating the act and the prohibitation of unauthorized hunting, selling or possession of the endangered species. The amount of population of the crocodile is still being studied but rising with the help of the acts and lawsw to protect them or any other endangered species.

Conservation Efforts:

The Endangered species Act is one of the laws past to maintain the Crocodiles species from extintion. Another organization that is also suppoting the American Crocodile from extinction is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered species which prohibits the commercial trade of the crocodiles. In the past of about 20 to 30 years ago the crocodiles were being extinct by the fact that they lost habitats caused by humans and killing illegally. After researching i came to find out that the population of the American Crocodile is riseing theses couple of years due to the laws and organizations helping them. One of the existing organizations that is still helping conserve the crocodiles is the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species Act.


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